Your home’s exterior may set the first impression whenever guests come over, but the actual first impression is really set when they step into your home and take a look at your home’s interiors! 

You need to create a home interior that you enjoy and cherish! This blog will take you through 10 excellent yet straightforward ideas that you can use to elevate your home interior style. 


1. The Correct Lighting

Let’s start from the basics by understanding the right kind of light setup for each room. In most houses, the living area is the biggest room of all. Such a room needs layering of Lights, which means adding multiple lights to create a well-lit space. The living room needs ambient lightning layering that would bounce the light off the ceiling, creating a sense of brightness that cancels shadow.

Similarly, your bedroom would need softer lights that help create a relaxing and comfortable space. For example, a gorgeous chandelier may work perfectly at illuminating your bedroom, but it would look absolutely out of place and too exuberant for the setting. 

Your dining space should be bright and warmly lit. The colors should promote a warm and happy mood which improves your appetite. Softer yellower light tints are preferable over bluish-white tints.

In terms of trends, more angular and unique lights are becoming widely popular. Such cleverly crafted ceiling lights will transform a boring area into an extravagant, luxurious space.

The Correct Lighting

2. Luxury Composite Flooring

If you want well-polished luxurious interiors without draining your bank account, try opting for Composite Flooring.

Composite flooring is essentially flooring made up of a urethane wear layer, a printed paper layer, on top of a rigid vinyl substrate. Composite flooring is usually less expensive than hardwood flooring, easy to install, more durable, and looks the same as wood.

These composite floors offer a natural aesthetic that gives your home a rustic and luxurious vibe! These floors provide a noise-free, waterproof, aesthetically beautiful, and comfortable because of its underforam layer. Since the floorings are waterproof, there is little to no stress of maintenance.. Companies like Echon produce top-notch composite flooring that is less accident-prone due to its industry-leading wear layer.

If you wish to upgrade your home flooring, check out Echon’s luxurious composite flooring here!

Luxury Composite Flooring


3. Hardware

Details bring delight.. Drawer pulls, doorknobs, faucets, towel bars, just to name a few, are elements that should complement your overall decor style without compromising its functionality.

Starting with Doorknobs, if you prefer modern decor style, you can try glass door knobs or golden doorknobs, giving you a high-end and luxurious look. But if you have a more neutral and classic-styled home, then try adding vintage-looking wood door knobs with antique-style carvings.
Moving on to faucets, golden and matte black Faucets have been trending lately for their contemporary look. 

Hardware Home Interior
Adding a Studded Towel bar/ Toilet paper roll holder with gold details can simply accentuate your regular bathroom into a 5-star hotel style. Focusing on such detailed elements while planning your home interiors can really make a huge difference and will help you achieve sophisticated, luxurious home interiors.

You can get these sleek hardware items and more expensive-looking pieces without spending a fortune. The best places to look are online stores, flea markets, and antique shops where you can find unique and exclusive designs, unlike mass-produced items. 

Hardware Interior

4. Plants! Plants! Plants!

This is essentially a decoration tip. However, this one never goes out of style! Plants can add a bright splash of color to your interior, which has aesthetic and functional benefits!

Plants are known to enhance your mood, efficiency, concentration, and imagination. In the presence of plants, stress and exhaustion are reduced notably. Plants also absorb contaminants, increase humidity, and produce oxygen to help clean indoor air. This is a highly effective and affordable indoor decoration solution! 

You can also grow fresh herbs on your kitchen counter. If you have a naturally lit kitchen area, then Voila … you never ever have to pay for those Basil and thyme again!


5. 3D PVC Wall Panels

Another trend of this season is adding 3D wall panels to boring walls. 3D Wall panels are decorative, textured, rhythmic, and patterned. These 3D walls are used to beautify your home interiors. They tend to create an optical illusion on your wall and amplify the beauty of your space.

PVC wall panels are a great alternative to wallpaper and can create a mesmerizing backdrop. They completely modify the look and feel of your area by transforming a regular-looking wall into an accent wall. 3D PVC wall panels add style, class, and luxury to an otherwise dull, lifeless room! 

These PVC panels are not only used for decoration; they’re also a great way to conceal areas susceptible to moisture, borer, termites, and other pests. It’s also a perfect material for paneling and insulation as they are fire retardants.

Check out Echon’s 15+ unique designs and multiple colors, textures, and laminates and elevate your drab walls into Fab!

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3D Pvc Wall Panels


6. Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall!

This is a secret weapon that can create exciting reflections, amplify light, and add extravagant character to your space. Depending on your room’s size and overall decor, you can pick the right kind of mirror as per your preference. 

Some people attach mirrors to their walls. Yet, some others choose to add one large framed mirror to their rooms perked up against the wall. This is an excellent decor idea for living spaces and bedrooms. You can also place your mirror opposite or next to the window to get the max natural light cast in your room. Ornate carved or antique mirrors and frames can easily be used in a wall painting as a decorative element for that space.

Your mirrors can be functional and also act as a focal point in a room. Full-length floor-to-ceiling leaning mirrors (usually oversized) are also a rising trend in social media to get a splendid effect in their mirror selfie. 


7. Sliding Glass Doors

With multitudes of interior design trends and fads rising and falling, and this one caught our eyes! Adding sliding doors to your design plan is perfect for smaller houses or people who like practical home designs.

Sliding glass doors are a fantastic option for your interior doors and can also act as a divider if you want to convert a huge room into two. You can use it as a closet door as well. It adds class, style, and a futuristic look to your home. Additionally, it helps you save quite a bit of space too!

Sliding Glass Doors

8. Add Antique Decor Pieces

If you are into a rustic and traditional interior decor style, or if your color palette includes neutral and brown shades, you need to add some fancy antique pieces to your home to give it a classic yet elegant look. These pieces can be genuine antiques or antique-looking accessories.

Finding an antique piece that blends well with your home decor is like serendipity! It is nothing short of magic! For example, you can add a gorgeous tribal painted large vase into your home and use it as an accent piece!

Your living room can have intricate paintings on the wall as the main attraction/ focal point. The piece you choose would depend on your aesthetic preference! However, adding one such element can alter the entire look of the room!

Antique Decor Pieces

9. Interior Moldings for The Win!

Interior Moldings are the best way to accentuate the otherwise simple-looking borders of your home’s structure. Mouldings can make your walls and ceiling look more interesting and a low-cost way to change the look of a space.

There are different materials available for interior moldings. Traditionally wood moulding is widely popular as a premium interior material. Still, it is highly vulnerable to external factors like moisture, weather, termites, rots/decay, etc and expensive too when you account for maintenance. 

Hence, most Home designers and Contractors are moving towards PVC moulding. They are waterproof, fire retardant, highly flexible and customizable as a building material, and more durable than some wood. Hence with PVC, you get both the aesthetics and durable, long-lasting quality.

Additionally, it is also an excellent way to hide eyesores. For example, if you have an essential wire sticking out of your ceiling, you can fix it using interior molding and create a decorative ceiling. Not only will this hide the problem area, but it can level up your home entirely into a luxurious space! 

Echon has a wide range of interior mouldings profiles that can be used to spice up your home interior design and customize as per your preference.  

Interior Moldings For The Win

10. Level up Your Light Switches

We have already mentioned all the Aesthetic Hardware that you need to upgrade, but light switches and switchboards deserve a special mention. Most people just pick a universal white switch plate.

But why settle for an ordinary switch when you can jazz it up. Switches and switchboards are exciting little details that would help make your home look well-planned and sophisticated with minimal effort. Time to switch it up!

Choose the switches according to the color scheme in your room. Also, focus on textures! If your room is full of intricate details, choose a button that matches up too! Golden switch with a transparent board, matte black switches, fancy toggle switches for vintage decor is some of the trending styles that you can try to elevate your aesthetic quotient. If you pay attention to these details, your home will ultimately look stunning and royal! 

We hope you drew some inspiration from this blog and are now ready to upgrade your home with these stunning, trendy decor ideas! If you enjoyed this blog, leave a comment and share it with your friends and family!

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