The interior design of your home is conceived as an expression of your personality. Every person who steps into your home subconsciously starts to relate the design of your home with your personality and style. There are several ways in which you can express yourself: Art, 3D wall panels, eccentric decor styles, and what not!

In that case, wouldn’t you want your home to be a true expression of your heart & soul?

In this blog, we’ll show you how you can do that.

When it comes to home interiors, it’s always best to set the stage by getting the basics right and then making a statement by making something stand out.  For example, You can choose neutral colors for a room, but add a single accent wall or design in the right place and that’ll make the place shine. This accent piece maybe a decor item or an accent wall!

Trends in wall designs have changed over time, with textured painting, murals, exposed brick, cobbled walls, and wallpaper are among the most popular methods/styles.
But here is one that is in vogue right now. It is a stylish and eco-friendly alternative to other wall decoration items.

We are talking about PVC 3D wall panels. 

3D wall panels are widely available in white, colors, and laminates. These PVC Wall Panels are an excellent substitute for wallpaper and are highly durable. They turn around the look and feel of your space entirely by transforming your otherwise regular-looking wall into an accent wall. Not only that, but 3D wall panels can also help you cover up spots vulnerable to moisture, termites, etc. and make your walls stand out.

In this blog, we will share a few ideas on utilizing this versatile interior decoration material to spruce up your home. Let us dive right in!


1. A Lively Living Space

Your living space is usually the most extensively used area of your house where you enjoy time with your family and friends. It is the ideal space for hosting your guest. So let’s look at how you can design your living room to leave an indelible impression in every visitor’s mind.

Using 3D wall panels in your living room can accentuate your room instantly. These PVC wall panels can create an eye-catching backdrop for your TV or sofa and it is sure to spark conversations.

You can create some mesmerizing backdrop using a neutral color palette, with beige or white on your other walls. The accent wall can have 3D panels to steal the show! This contrast will create a minimalist yet stunning Modern look for your living space!

Lively Living Space Exterior


2. Dreamy Bathroom!

We have all dreamt of fancy bathrooms that ooze class and elegance! The ones which give you a luxurious feel as soon as you step in! With some fancy 3D PVC panels, your washroom will get that edge. 

You can use panels for one entire wall for your bathroom while keeping the others plain or flat. PVC wall panels also go particularly well with glass bathroom partitions and pair it up with ornate mirrors. Viola, there you have it … your #dreamybathroom!

An added benefit of these panels is that they are moisture-resistant and highly durable. Once installed, you don’t have to worry about maintaining them either!

Dreamy Bathroom Building Materials


3. Spice up your Dining Space!

Dining rooms require soothing décor that stimulates appetites and creates the ideal environment for a relaxing meal. You can add a creative 3D PVC wall panel wall with a subtle design and add a soothing painting or photograph. This helps to make the right ambiance for dining.

Spice Up Your Dining Space 3D Wall Panels


4. Jazz Up Your Hallway/ Passageway

People often neglect their hallways when it comes to decorating. Hallways are the most underappreciated part of a house because they only serve to connect a few rooms. People count on their utility more than aesthetics.

But why can’t it serve both purposes?

A stylish passageway can help create a positive impression of your home. A small 3D panel on the wall can give the space a whole other level of elegance.

You can also add these panels near the stairwells. Because the stairs block the natural light on the higher level, stairwells tend to be dark and drab. A white 3D PVC wall panel illuminated by a spotlight is a stylish way to brighten up your space.

Jazz Up Your Hallway Passageway Building Materials


5. Modern, Stylish Bedrooms!

Lastly, 3D wall panels can be a fantastic addition to your bedroom too! The use of 3D panels for your bedroom walls can add a stylish touch that pulls the room together into a cozy and comfortable space. If you are into space-age decor style or even post-modern, this could be a perfect option for you.

You can add this as an accent wall behind your bed perfectly matches the wall’s design.

Modern Stylish Bedrooms

If you wish to elevate your home subtly yet elegantly, these panels are the way for you to go! They are easy to install, require little to no maintenance, easy to handle, and extremely user-friendly!

Side benefit: In this Instagram era, these walls can serve as a perfect background for your photographs!

Echon’s 3D PVC wall panels are available in 15+ unique designs and multiple colors, textures and laminates. 

Spruce up your home with the design of your choice today. Explore our range of PVC wall panels!

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