Luxury Composite Flooring

An end-to-end quintessential flooring solution constructed with long-lasting and effortless qualities, Echon's composite flooring offers a natural and wood-like look bringing a luxurious appeal to your interiors.

Save your time and money

Echon’s composite flooring uses the Valinge Click system, which makes for an effortless and seamless alternative to adhesives. This makes installation, change, shifting and re-installation an easy process.

Comfortable and low-maintenance

The 1 mm foam under layer, as opposed to the usual 0.3-0.5mm under layer in the market makes the flooring noise-free and comfortable. Since its waterproof, it makes it super low-maintenance.

A design that passes the test of time

Apart from being aesthetic and comfortable, qualities such as high impact resistance, scratch resistance, and abrasion resistance helps Echon’s composite flooring outperform any other brand.

No Adhesive Required with the Effortless & Seamless Valinge Click System.

Install, Change, Shift & Re-install with ease.

Comfort & Noise Resistance with our Foam Underlayer.

Stress-free maintenance with our waterproof flooring.

High Impact Resistance. High Scratch Resistance. Best-in-market Abrasion Resistance for a timeless lifestory.

Color Options



No Expansion or Contraction
Core Free of Formaldehyde
Stable in High/Low Temperature
Installation on any Surface
Stable in Room with Sunlight
Anti Slippage
Anti Bacterial
Fire Retardant

Difference between Wood and Echon’s Composite Flooring

Difference between Wood and Composite Flooring