Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How is ECHON Eco-Friendly?

Foam PVC is degradable and recyclable. We recycle and reuse PVC to help reduce our carbon footprint on earth while using Lead Free and Food Grade additives. PVC is also a great substitute for using wood. By helping reduce the amount of trees cut down, we believe Echon is ultimately helping keep the world green.

What is ECHON's Warranty?

Echon offers a 25 year limited warranty. Please refer to our warranty details which can be found on our website.

What are the different colors of ECHON products?

Echon PVC trim boards comes in many colors such as, Bright White, Almond, Clay, and Tan. Echon Also offers colors like blue, red, green, orange and many more for the signage industry.

What are the different finishes/textures?

Echon has various finishes like matte, smooth, gloss, and textured woodgrain. Echon also offers custom textures like sanded, scuffed and deep sawn. These provide a unique finish that gives home owners a traditional smooth or wood-like texture.

Why is ECHON PVC worth additional cost compared to wood?

Echon PVC products are water resistant, fire retardant, anti-termite, anti-mold, chemical resistant, economical and maintenance free.

What can I use to fill screw and Nail holes?

You may use fastener plugs made from Echon PVC trim. You may also use caulking or other fillers to fill the hole.

How is PVC compared to Wood in workability, like cutting, nailing, drilling, etc?

Echon PVC can be easily worked with standard tools that is used for woodworking carpentry. It can be cut, turned, drilled, planned, milled, screwed, polished and much more. It can be nailed easily. It is advised to nail Echon material atleast 6 millimeters from the edge to avoid splitting. It can be drilled like wood. While bolting, larger size washer should be used to spread the weight load.

Will PVC boards corrode?

No, PVC boards will not corrode from natural weathering, water, and insects as long as Echon’s PVC products are used and maintained properly. An example of misuse and wrongful maintenance is if acid or harmful chemicals are applied to the board.

Is ECHON Boards scratch resistant?

Depending on the finish and gloss of our products, it may be scratch resistant.

What size does ECHON PVC Sheets come in?

Echon offers thicknesses and widths unmatched by other manufacturers. Normally the width of our PVC Sheets are 4 FT wide, But can be increased to 6 FT wide upon request. Our thickness ranges from 1mm to 50mm! Our lengths can be however long required. These dimensions are especially great because they allow our products to be used in endless applications. See Our Website for more information.

Can ECHON PVC be painted? What is the Best type of Paint to use?

Although Echon PVC products do not need to be painted, some choose to paint them. The best types of paint to use are acrylic, PVC paint and Two component polyurethane compound. Echon PVC does not need to be primed before painting, but can be for better results.

Salt Water will corrode ECHON PVC boards?

Salt water will not corrode Echon PVC boards. So it is safe to install PVC by the beach.

Does ECHON Trim Require Painting?
No Echon Trim does not need to be painted, although it can be painted Using a paint with an LRV below 55 units.
Does ECHON Trim Require Primer?
No Echon Trim does not require Primer.
What is the best fastening system for ECHON PVC Trim?
The best system for securing Echon trim is either the Cortex Concealed Fastening System or Starborn Pro Plug System.
Do you recommend gluing a PVC trim fascia board to the wooden sub-fascia?
Yes, it is always best to use glue to help with PVC’s natural expansion and contraction.
Can I use just glue or do I have to use glue in combination with fasteners?
You should use a combination of glue and mechanical fasteners. The glue is not enough to insure a adequate bond.
Can ECHON Trim be used in interior applications?
Yes you can use Echon Trim in interior applications, but always check with local building code officials before installing.
What are the recommended installation temperatures?
The ideal temperature for installing long runs of Echon is 60°F to 65°F.
Can ECHON Trim be used in structural applications?
No Echon Trim Cannot be used in structural applications. PVC trim is only meant for decorative applications. Check with your architect or builder if your application is structural.

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