We spend months decorating the interior of our home to create the perfect space for ourselves and make our guests feel delighted. But what about the home exterior design?

they say that the first impression is the last impression!

And the first impression of our home doesn’t come from our interior design.

It comes from the facade or the exterior appearance of our home.

As soon as your guest’s car takes the turn into your driveway and they look up, subconsciously, an initial impression or opinion is made.

And in this blog, we’ll show you how that impression for your home could be “WOW.”

Decorating your home exterior ideally can give your home an additional flair and add personality to it! Yet deciding how to decorate your home’s exterior can take hours of researching, which may leave you overwhelmed and confused! 

As a saving grace, we have curated this list of design ideas that you can employ to elevate your home exterior’s style. All these methods are super simple and easily doable!

Let’s jump right in!


1. Hang a decorative item

Hang A Decorative Item


Your home exterior design may look flat and drab if you only stick to traditional decorating ideas. To add some depth and character, you should add some accessories.
Add a decorative welcome board, hanging decor items, or a lamp.

You can check out these lamps from Amazon by the Home Zone store. This simple vintage-looking lamp, that is durable, weather-resistant, and protected by a 1-year warranty.

The best part about this product is that it is solar-powered. It can easily upgrade your home exterior and give it a rustic look and feel!

You can buy this fantastic lamp set here for $39.99.


2. Focus on Door Aesthetics

The first thing a visitor will notice when they come to your place is the front door. While decorating, the door often slips your mind. People often choose not to go into the hassle of sparing too much thought on their main doors. But if you select a high-quality & aesthetic door, it can change the look of your home entirely.

Focus On Door Aesthetics


Check out this gorgeous door from Doornmore. It adds class and character to your home, as soon as someone arrives at your doorstep. It also sets the mood and tone for what to expect when someone enters your home. 

You can buy this gorgeous front door here!


3. Add Gorgeous Door Frames

Now that you have selected a stunning door for your home, you should also choose a door frame that complements the door and the rest of the exterior. Traditional wooden frames might be charming to look at. However, they are highly prone to get weathered. They rot, decay, crack, get infested, and require a lot of maintenance.

A rotten door frame is the last thing your guests need to see! Not just that, your door’s durability and strength depend on the door frame you choose.

Hence we recommend switching to PVC door frames. They provide structural and aesthetic benefits to your doorway. These frames complement all decor styles.

Gorgeous Door Frames

Check out Echon’s PVC Door Frames!


4. Invest in Column Wraps

Columns provide structural support, but they might lack the aesthetic appeal that can bring down your home’s exterior appearance.

Hence, it is an excellent idea to invest in highly durable PVC column wraps. These column wraps cover up existing wooden or cement posts with beauty and elegance.


PVC column wraps from Echon tend to add a royal appearance to your home exterior design. If you have dull and drab columns in your home, spruce them up with Echon PVC column wraps.

Check out Echon’s wide range of pre-designed PVC column wraps. Also, don’t forget to check out our detailed blog on PVC column wraps and how to install them if you wish to know more details. 


5. Porch Ceiling Panels

Your porch is incomplete without decorating the porch’s ceiling. It may seem insignificant, but it certainly affects the overall look and feel of your exterior.

When you have the opportunity, why not add some visual appeal to your otherwise plain exterior porch ceiling? If you want a warm country feel or a minimalist modern look, beadboard sheets and laminated bead boards will help you achieve those goals quite easily.
And when it comes to choosing the suitable material for your porch ceiling, PVC bead boards and beaded sheets beat wood and ceramic by miles.
The PVC porch ceiling panels do not rot or decay; they are termite-proof, all-weather resistant, fireproof, and in the case of Echon, they come with a 25-year warranty.

What more could one ask us?

You can check out some fantastic PVC Beadboard from Echon!



6. Add a gate/ Plant Arbours

You can also spice up your front yard to create a beautiful house design by adding a low-height fence. If you already have a fence, you should try adding a rustic gate. A low masonry or wood fence with a wood or metal gate will give your home exterior design a more welcoming look. When paired with landscaping in front of and beyond the gate, it draws the eye in. It also gives a smaller front yard a sense of depth.

You can also add plant arbors to beautify your porch furthermore!



Check out this beautiful arbor here!


7. Add Greenery to Your Porch

Plants can soothe your mind, other than obviously providing you with clean and fresh air. They beautify every space in their vicinity. You can elevate your house front design entirely by adding some plants. If you have a space shortage you can add some potted plants; otherwise, a full-fledged garden is truly the way to go!

Add Greenery To Your Porch


Buy this beautiful potted plant to adorn your garden/ porch from here!


8. PVC Exterior Trim Boards

PVC trim boards are the most durable building material to decorate window edges, door panels, and roof edges to beautify your home and give it a polished, luxurious look. They are a top choice for builders and contractors around the USA. They are weather-resistant, termite-proof, rot-proof, and fire-resistant, making them one of the most dependable materials for modern home exterior decoration.

Modern House Structure

PVC exterior trim boards come in a natural white color, a popular choice for exterior trim. However, you can easily paint them on using a wide variety of colors!

Also, Read: All you need to know about PVC trim boards.

We hope we gave you some inspiring ideas to spruce up your home’s modern house exterior! Share this blog to inspire others too!
For more such exciting information and ideas, stay tuned to Echon!

Thank you!


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