The beauty of a house lies in the details of its corners and crevices. The door frame trim is a perfect way to accentuate that.

A perfectly installed door trim brings value to any property, whether it is a residential or commercial project. It is designed to add a little extra touch to complete the overall look of the room.

If you want your project to have a classy and luxurious appearance, all you need are some simple tips to help you achieve that look.

Here is how you can install trim around a door:


Step 1: Measure the Opening Width

Step 1 Measure The Opening Width How To Install Trim Around A Door
The first step involves measuring the opening width. You must keep an eye on the topmost area of the door opening and then, measure the width. After figuring out the size, add 3/8″inch to the final answer. An alternate way of taking the measurement of the opening width is to use a compass. You can draw a line, using a pencil, around the door jamb to mark out your measurement.


Step 2: Cut Off the Top Door Casing

Step 2 Cut Off The Top Door Casing Door Frame Trim
If you start working from the uppermost portion of the trim, you will be able to arrive at a perfect fit. The upper end of most doors features a 45-degree cut on both corners. The measurements you took in the first step will help you determine the area covered by the bottom part. Trim one corner of the casing stock till the time it achieves a 45-degree angle. After that, take the measurements from the lower end of the 45-degree cut and note down the length of the top area. 


Step 3: Dry-Fit the Door Trim

Step 3 Dry Fit The Door Trim Door Frame Trim
After making the necessary adjustments to the top trim’s size, find out whether it fits properly. After confirming this. Leave a space of 3/16″ from the door’s base to ensure there is a small opening. Here, it would be quite okay if you don’t take a very accurate measurement. You could use a 6″ clamp to secure it for some time. After you dry-fit the trim, there is a possibility of you encountering uneven surfaces closer to the drywall edges. You can smoothen out these surfaces with the help of sandpaper.


Step 4: Fix the Side Trim and the Door Casing

Step 4 Fix The Side Trim And The Door Casing
While working on the side trim, you should not worry too much about taking the right measurements. You have to put together three-door casing pieces and cut them down to size. While doing so, you must remember to smoothen out the edges. After securing the different pieces with the help of clamping, you can start the process of nailing them.



Some of the tools that you need for this include finish nails, door casing, bar clamps, miter box, hammer, pencil, caulking gun, tape measure, and paintable latex caulk.

With practice, you will get a proper understanding of how to install trim around a door. Once you learn how to do it, you can upgrade the overall look of your home as and when you wish to.


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