A modern home is one that accentuates the contemporary aesthetic it is designed with: an open approach, clean visual lines, smooth walls, high ceilings, and interior door trims.

Such intricate details are paramount to achieving an updated contemporary look and showcasing a clean architecture for the project.

This is especially true for the little details — such as interior door trim.

Interior door trim is not just about doors anymore, it’s more about what the door represents. It is now a way to express your style on the inside as well as out. The hallmarks of modern interior door trim consist of material and color.

In this article, we will share some possibilities and trends with you.

Here are some of the best modern door trim ideas:


1. Cove and Bead Casing

Cove And Bead Casing Modern Interior Door Trim Ideas
credits- nextluxury.com
If you don’t wish to experiment much, cove and bead casing is the design you should opt for. It is simple, classy, elegant, and makes an instant impression. For the sides, it goes for a one-piece profile. The header comprises four distinctive pieces. To augment the traditional look of this door trim, you can choose to add a plinth block to it.


2. Colonial Style Door Casing

Colonial Style Door Casing Interior Front Door Trim Ideas
credits- nextluxury.com
While this was a design most commonly found in Colonial homes, a large number of individuals have adapted it over time. It is a one-piece baseboard featuring a back band that helps in forming a casing between the two corners. To get it installed, you could use miters or rosettes at the top. A plinth block is used as a finish for this design. It also helps in creating a visual connection between the floor and baseboard.


3. Victorian Casing Design

Victorian Casing Design Interior Front Door Trim Ideas
credits- nextluxury.com
If you have been trying very hard to arrive at a suitable modern interior front door trim idea, you should go for classic options. Those who have got their house designed in Victorian style should go for a Victorian casing design for their interior door trim. It features a half-round molding along with a back band molding. Putting together this casing is a very easy task and doesn’t take a lot of time either. Rosette blocks are used to join the header and the sides. 


4. Unfinished Fluted Molding

Unfinished Fluted Molding
credits- menardic.com
When it comes to modern interior door trim ideas that don’t cost a lot of money to be executed, this one tops the list. Unfinished fluted molding is most suitable for those who look for convenient solutions. You have to just make the wood surface go through a sanding process and then, choose a color to paint it with. You also have the option of varnishing or staining it to lend it a premium-quality finish.


5. Prefinished Fluted Trim Molding

Prefinished Fluted Trim Molding Modern Interior Door Trim
credits- youtube.com
A preassembled 5-piece set, comprising of a casing, rail, and a cap, is what this molding is made of. You have to use glue or nails to put all these things together and then, put some caulk between them for insulation. The one issue with this type of trim is that they get expanded during hot weather. You will find these trims in both a brown and white finish.



Installing an interior door trim is one of the most convenient and cost-effective methods to give your home a fresh new look. In today’s times, there is no dearth of interesting modern interior door trim options.



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