A home with this feature is a beautiful thing. It’s a telling detail that shows you live in a home that’s well-built, cared for, and kept up-to-date. It’s a common enough feature nowadays that it doesn’t immediately stand out to most people; the people who do notice it will be the ones who appreciate its beauty.

You’re right, we’re talking about the Exterior Door Trim.

Exterior door trims are one of the important elements of door frames. They set the tone and create a balanced appearance to the entire exterior door framework, therefore, being a matter of concern for professionals in the construction industry.

If you are planning to replace outdated or incompatible door trim panels on your doors or windows, it is suggested that you pay close attention to the make, installation, and exterior door trim ideas so as to ensure proper replacement or refit of these trim panels.

Here are some of the best exterior door trim ideas:


1. Flat Mitered

Flat Mitered Exterior Door Trim Ideas
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Flat mitered trims are made of components like PVC or wood. Unlike many other trims, they are laminated sans any decorative layer. The lintel and the pilasters are connected to each other with the help of mitered joints.

Ideal Usage: If you wish your exterior trim to have a quaint, minimalistic look, you should opt for the flat mitered casing.


2. Flat Butted

Flat Butted Exterior Door Trim
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Flat butted trim can be best described as a more elaborate version or a modern avatar of mitered trim. Here, you will see the pilasters being butted straight into the lintel. There won’t be any requirement to miter the corners. 

Ideal Usage: Opting for flat butted trim is a good idea when you want your front entry to boast an expansive look.


3. Rounded trim

Rounded Trim Exterior Door Trim Ideas
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When you opt for rounded trim, the lintel is arched right above the door. You must remember that while your door does not require an arch for this trim to be used, you shall be required to fill up the gap between the lintel and the door using glass. Based on the kind of detailing you are expecting, the pilasters on the trim could be either channeled or smooth. 

Ideal Usage: It is known for offering a textured finish to the door trim.


4. Extended J Channel

Extended J Channel Decorative Exterior Door Trim

Opting for extended J channel trim often turns out to be one of the most exciting exterior door trim ideas. Because of its shape, this trim is referred to as being ‘J-channeled’. There is a slight bump at the edge which adds an interesting visual texture to it. 

Ideal Usage: If you are planning for the door to have glass windows surrounding it, you must go for extended door trim. 


5. Double Flat Stock

Double Flat Stock Exterior Door Trim Ideas
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The process of installing a double flat stock trim is quite different from setting up other types of trims. Here, you will find the outer trim featuring a rounded top. The inner trim, on the other hand, surrounds the door like a sturdy frame. You will not come across any special decorative element in the two trims. 

Ideal Usage: It finds its application among several sturdy door trims.


6. Craftsman Flat Stock

Modern Interior Door Trim Ideas Craftsman Flat Stock

When it comes to Craftsman trim, the lintel is of a larger size than the pilasters’ width. No detailing or intricate work is done on the trim. Craftsman trim could be made of any material that is flat like wood, fiber cement, PVC, or MDF. 

Ideal Usage: If you are looking for a decorative exterior door trim, you must consider Craftsman flat stock.



When you are serious about augmenting the look of your home’s exterior portion, you must spend a lot of time and put a good amount of effort into choosing an excellent exterior door trim. An exterior door trim performs two important functions. Apart from covering the corners of the siding, it enables contraction and expansion and plays an important role in lending it a finished look.



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