PVC has a bundle of advantages as a building material that no builder can deny. It is the most functional material as it is virtually maintenance-free! It is weather-resistant, mite-resistant, fire-retardant, customizable, and non-toxic. We can go about appreciating PVC, and you would not hear the end of it!

At Echon, we believe in providing you with tangible building solutions and ideas to get you closer to your dream home. Today, we will discuss 5 inexpensive yet stunning PVC building materials that you should consider investing in. Let’s check them out!


1. PVC Column Wraps

Columns add structural support to your home, whether they are inside or outside your home. Yet, they act as a barrier and reduce the aesthetic appeal of your home.

A dull and drab column right in the middle of your intricately designed home does not sound quite right, does it?

Well, there is an excellent solution for that!

PVC column wraps are a great way to make those plain columns look super aesthetic. It is always the first choice for most installers/ contractors as they can cover up any wood or cement post and instantly bring a touch of class and elegance to your space. 

You can take your home’s design to the next level with column wraps as they offer easy installation and a seamless finish.

PVC Column Wraps

PVC column wraps are available in various designs: plain, recessed, fluted, raised panel and more styles are available in the markets. PVC column wraps have a stylish appeal and flawless finish, and they do not require to be milled before installation.


2. PVC Luxury Composite Flooring

Floors can make or break the aesthetics of a room. Have you ever dreamt of a gorgeous home with stunning wooden flooring? So have we!

However, wood is not always the best option. It is difficult to maintain, it is prone to water damage and pest damage too. 

PVC luxury composite flooring is here to the rescue. This versatile flooring material gives off the look and feel of wooden floors while also being water-resistant, mite-resistant, scratch-resistant and impact-resistant. They offer more comfort and less sound due to a foam underlay, thats pre-applied to the bottom of the flooring substrate. They also last for decades as they generally have two protective layers, a UV layer and Wear layer, that can withstand all climatic conditions.

PVC Composite Flooring

PVC composite flooring has it all: from the aesthetics of wood to the functionality of PVC. If you have wanted to get your floors replaced, then this would be an ideal choice!


3. PVC Porch Ceiling Panels

Your porch area is the first spot anyone sees while entering your home, whether you, your family, your clients, or your guests. One factor that can make or break the appearance of your porch is your porch ceiling. Generally, people tend to paint over it and leave it as it is. Why do that when a small investment can elevate your style by several degrees?

PVC Porch Ceiling Panels

PVC Porch ceilings panels are exactly what you need. They are also known as PVC beadboards or beaded sheets. They add aesthetic appeal to your otherwise dull porch ceiling. PVC porch ceiling panels help you achieve your desired look and you can easily paint them if you wish to customize them as per your preference color palette. Echon’s beadboards comes in multiple finishes to suit your needs and they are also scratch resistant. You can opt for any style, ranging from a rustic traditional vibe to a minimalist modern vibe!


4. PVC 3D Wall Panels

There are a plethora of trends that have emerged for elevating boring or focus walls. Textures, elaborate wallpapers, posters, eccentric colors; all of these are in style right now. Amongst this, there is another trend that is becoming extremely popular now! PVC 3D wall panels are a rising trend because of the excellent aesthetic they create and their undeniable functionality.

PVC 3D Wall Panels


They completely upgrade the look and feel of your home by transforming a plain-looking wall into an accent/focus wall. Not only that, but 3D wall panels can be used to conceal areas that are sensitive to dampness, termites, and other pests, as well as to make your walls stand out.

This is a simple and low-maintenance way to add a stunning finish to your home and glamorize it just a little!

Do you want inspiration on how you can add PVC wall panels to your home? Check out our blog on how to Spruce Up Your Home’s Interiors with 3D Wall Panels!


5. PVC Door and Window Profiles

You don’t need to go overboard to make your home stand out!
All you genuinely need to do is focus on the details! Your doors and window designs may be stunning, yet they will look incomplete without PVC trim bordering. PVC profiles or frames help define doors and windows and give your home a well-rounded and complete look!

Flared Angles Exterior Window Trim


Additionally, PVC profiles provide added protection to your doors and windows!


We hope this article was helpful to you in picking out the suitable PVC building material for your building needs. Echon offers a wide range of PVC building materials popularly used across the United Stated by all the homemakers, builders, fabricators, architects, interior designers and contractors.

If you wish to learn more about PVC building materials, please reach out to us; we would be more than happy to assist you. 

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