What are PVC Foam Sheets?

A foam sheet is a lightweight compressed foam board created using petroleum products, resins, and inorganic chemicals. This foam sheet is light in weight and is made of a rigid material with less density than traditional PVC. PVC foam sheets possess an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, flame resistance, and are moisture-resistant, making it a much-preferred alternative to wooden sheets.

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The popularity of  PVC Foam Sheets in Business

PVC foam sheets are commonly used for many purposes and are extremely popular in the packaging, construction and signage industries. With a constantly growing customer base with more industries shifting to PVC foam sheets, the PVC foam sheet market is predicted to continuously grow at a very fast rate. Apart from standard applications like wall claddings, false ceilings, windows and partitions, PVC  foam sheets are also widely used across the display and exhibition industry to create display boards, racks, shelves, exhibition boards, and pop-up displays. and also to create everyday items like bank cards. It is emerging as a popular preference compared to other building materials with similar functionality due to its features and multi-purpose capabilities. 


 Advantages of PVC Foam Sheets 

Let’s take a look at why PVC foam sheets are such a rage in all markets :


1. Water Resistance

When PVC comes in contact with water, it does not swell or change its composition, making it resistant to water. As a result,  PVC foam sheets are a great fit for locations with varying weather conditions.


2. Corrosion Resistance

PVC foam sheets have anti-corrosive properties and tend to retain chemical stability. This is why PVC doesn’t react when in contact with some chemicals, enabling it to retain its form and steer away from any kind of deformation.


3. Fire Resistance

Like all other building materials,  PVC foam sheets, when exposed directly to fire, can burn. However, if the ignition source is withdrawn, it will stop burning, because it is self-extinguishing


4.  Lightweight  

PVC foam sheets are lightweight yet durable and strong. They are rather easy to handle because of their lightweight composition.


5. Durability

PVC is resistant to abrasion, has decent mechanical strength and is highly durable, making it a preferred choice in building and construction applications. In addition, PVC foam sheets are highly durable owing to the structure of their component molecules. In fact, PVC foam sheets can survive decades without damage or decay.


6. Non-Toxic

PVC foam sheets do not contain a large amount of formaldehyde like other interior decoration materials and are made of a  material that has been used for more than half a century, making them safe for construction use. 


7. Electrical Insulating

PVC foam sheets have excellent electrical insulating properties that are highly facilitating to suit different environments. PVC does not conduct electricity.


8. Easily Moulded   

PVC can be easily moulded to suit any specification. It can be cut to make furniture and even be made into wall panels for exterior use


9. Partially Sound-proof

Expanded PVC foam sheets are sometimes used in soundproofing. While it cannot completely block sound, it definitely can reduce the noise by a substantial level. In addition, when partitions are made using PVC foam sheets, they tend to be resistant to sound effects, thereby keeping privacy intact. This makes it perfect for office uses.


10.  Cost-effective 

PVC foam sheets are an excellent substitute for wood or aluminium as they are available in a varied price ranges. In addition, they don’t require any extra maintenance and stay in the same state for quite a long time. Another plus point is that no special equipment is required to cut or drill these sheets, making them a cost-effective alternative.


Where can you buy PVC Foam Sheets?

Echon’s PVC foam sheets are the ultimate solution to your search for the most versatile foam sheets. Ideal for point-of-sale displays, signboards, letter cutting, store fixtures, exhibits and many applications, these sheets are made with a unique formulation and UV stabilization, that make them the perfect solution for all forms of indoor and outdoor advertising.

Designed and developed to suit any business requirement, these four types of PVC foam sheets are the ultimate go-to for any and every application:

Echon Pvc Foam Sheets

Due to its multi-purpose features, growing customer base, limitless applications and flexible pricing, PVC foam sheets are emerging as a preferred building block for many industrial projects apart from homes. Another key factor adding to this positive outlook is the steady rise of buildings with low energy consumption making PVC foam sheets a popular choice for PVC foam board manufacturers and suppliers worldwide. Furthermore, with more countries aiming at accelerating their infrastructural development, the PVC foam board market has a lot of untapped growth potential that will shape the industry in the upcoming decade.

If you’re looking out for versatile PVC foam sheets, check out Echon’s wide range of PVC foam sheets guaranteed to redefine your space and give it a luxurious finish.

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