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Backed by insights and a deep dive into its application across industries, here’s the lowdown of all the information and critical aspects to look out for when buying PVC foam sheets.


Q. How are PVC foam sheets made?

PVC foam sheets are made using petroleum products, resins, and inorganic chemicals. These components are then mixed under controlled conditions and dispensed into a mold based on the desired application. The compound is heated during this process allowing it to be shaped or moulded into the desired shape. It is then cooled so that it can harden to keep the desired profile or shape. The final product can be cut, routed, bent, or glued or left as is depending on the final application requirements.


Q. Are PVC foam sheets waterproof?

PVC foam sheets are moisture-resistant. In addition, they have a specific composition that makes them resistant to water, causing them not to swell or change form when exposed to moisture. As a result, PVC foam sheets have less than 1% water absorption, much lower than wood.   


Q. Are PVC foam sheets sturdy?

PVC foam sheets have a molecular structure that ensures that it is firm after it is cooled. As a result, they are durable and averse to deformation of any kind unless under immense heat. These foam sheets are known to last around 3-4 decades without any damage, although normal wearing is inevitable.


Q. PVC foam sheets mainly used for?

Due to its favourable characteristics in outdoor applications, PVC foam sheets are used for various industries like construction & building, advertising & signage, interiors & furnishings, screen printing and graphics, and the refrigeration industry.`


Q. How to do a quality check for PVC foam sheets?

Different brands use different techniques to quality check PVC foam sheets. However, some standard tests to gauge the performance of PVC foam sheets are:


1. Fire Test

 PVC foam sheets must have a class A flame spread rating. PVC foam sheets, when in contact with fire, self-extinguishes.

2. Moisture Absorption Test

PVC foam sheets are soaked in water/ The weight of the PVC foam sheet before it is in water can then be compared to its weight after being submerged to determine its moisture absorption rate. PVC should have a water absorption percentage of less than 1%.

3. Strength Test

The foam sheet is put through a series of strength testing activities that help determine if it is sturdy enough to withstand heavy weight and direct impact.


Q. What is the price of PVC foam sheets?

PVC Foam Sheets are the best-priced plastics. It is sometimes more expensive than wood, but when you account for PVCs low maintenance characteristics, the long term cost of PVC is much lower than wood.


Q. Where can you buy PVC foam sheets? Online v/s Dealer


Buying online-

PVC foam sheets of varied densities can be purchased from online points of sale like Homedepot and Lowe’s.

Buying from a dealer-

Echon’s PVC foam sheets are the ultimate solution to your search for the most versatile foam sheets. Ideal for point-of-sale displays, signboards, letter cutting, store fixtures, exhibits, and many applications, these sheets are made with a unique formulation and UV stabilization that make them the perfect solution for all indoor and outdoor advertising applications.

Buying PVC foam sheets directly from a dealer has always been the preferred purchase option for many customers. Dealers will usually have the most options and sizes to choose from.


If you’re looking out for versatile PVC foam sheets, check out Echon’s wide range of PVC foam sheets guaranteed to redefine your space and give it a luxurious finish.

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