As construction projects evolved into the contemporary homes we see across the globe, their elements grew into two sides of the same coin serving purposes that were complementary.

The most popular pairing perhaps is that of adhesives and PVC trims. An efficient PVC installation is largely dependent on the hold of the adhesive it is bound with. This has grown into a monumental effect on the entire industry, where adhesives are now designed and manufactured keeping the demands and nature of PVC trim in mind.

To that extent, several PVC trim manufacturers have also designed their own adhesive solutions that can help aid the installation processes.

Given their complementary nature, you may be wondering what is the best adhesive for PVC trim. While there is a lot of variety out there, make sure that the adhesive you opt for has been specially formulated for the PVC you aim to use.


Here are some of the best adhesives for PVC trim:


1. Titebond Quick & Thick Multi-Surface Glue

Titebond Quick Thick Multi Surface Glue Best Adhesive For PVC Trim

When it comes to the best PVC trim adhesive, the products manufactured by Titebond top the list compiled by most industry experts. It is a premium polymer adhesive sealant that works very well for different types of PVC trims. It does a very effective job of sealing PVC trim to most kinds of materials including metal, masonry, wood and another PVC trim.


2. Gorilla Clear Glue

Best Adhesive For PVC Trim Gorilla Clear Glue

When you are about to choose a PVC trim adhesive, make sure you opt for one that is water-resistant. Apart from being resistant to water, this powerful adhesive ticks all the boxes for a good quality adhesive for PVC trim. It displays the kind of strength that is required to keep PVC trim stuck to a material for years. The best part is that it is a non-foaming product that is very easy to use or apply.


3. Permabond 102 Instant Adhesive

Permabond 102 Instant Adhesive Best Adhesive For PVC Trim

Widely regarded as one of the best adhesives for PVC trim, Permabond 102 Instant Adhesive is a very versatile and high-performing product. It boasts of a transparent or crystal clear color and is suitable to be applied on different materials like plastic, metal and rubber. It takes just about 15 seconds to dry up and therefore, is suitable for those who prefer quick application. 


4. HG Power Glue

HG Power Glue Best Adhesive For PVC Trim

If you want to invest in a PVC trim adhesive that can be stored for a very long time, then you should definitely consider buying HG Power Blue. If you wish to preserve it for a year or two, you can store it in a refrigerator. The four different tasks it is used for are strengthening, bonding, modeling and filling.


5. Kiss Molecular Super Bond

Kiss Molecular Super Bond Best Adhesive For PVC Trim

Apart from being a quality product, this adhesive manufactured by the brand Kiss has also been packaged very well. It helps in sticking PVC trim to another material properly and boasts of a quick drying time. You can use it for several other purposes as well. Some of the many materials it can be applied on include plastic, wood, metal, fabric, ceramic, glass, rubber, porcelain and leather.



The kind of adhesive you use plays an important role in determining the success of your PVC trim installation project. Versatility, drying time, pricing, weather resistance, and application process are some of the factors you need to consider while buying an adhesive for PVC trim. Since you will be using it for a fairly intensive task, you must also check the kind of packaging it comes in.


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