You don’t need flashy exteriors to make your home stand out!

All you really need is to focus on the details. One extravagant detail that is sure to add a charm to your house is window trim or surrounds. Whether it is on the exterior or the interior, window trim design plays a crucial role in making your home look stylish and detailed.

And when your window trims are made of PVC, you get unmatched quality, versatility, and style that will last for decades!

On the exterior, window trim helps define a window’s style and give your home a finished look. It adds character and enhances the style quotient. By now, we hope we have proven to you the significance of exterior window trims! 

Now we are going to inspire you!

We are here with eight stunning PVC window trims that are sure to level up your home’s exterior. Let’s get started!


1. Flared Angles Exterior Window Trim

This window trim design is relatively simple, yet it can work wonders. It has a simple slim uniform design with a flared top. This creates 3D visual effects for houses/ buildings with intriguing and unusual architecture.

We believe that this design looks the best with white PVC trim. If your home exterior has a neutral color, this style of trim would add a bit of pizzazz to your design!

Flared Angles Exterior Window Trim

2. Bold PVC Trimboard

As the name suggests, this kind of window trim is thick and notable. It is usually a neutral-colored, smooth trim that gives off a classic craftsman look.

The trim used in this design is substantial: it is used on the upper portion, lower portion, and sides of the window. You will get the best results for this design if you match the trim with your porch ceiling or the columns in your porch. This style gives your home’s facade a classy and traditional look.

Overall, it makes your exterior look cohesive and graceful.

Bold PVC Trimboard

3. Double Color PVC Window Trim

You don’t always have to stick to the conventions!

Instead of using only one colored trim like everyone else, you can experiment with two different colors for your exterior window trim! If your home exterior is plain otherwise, this is a simple yet effective way to spruce up your home. What you need to ensure is that the colors you choose complement each other.
For example, a light brown combined with beige may work together as they fall under the same color palette. These two colors also have to match that of your exterior siding.

Double Color PVC Window Trim

4. Design Continuation

You can choose to have PVC trim as a part of your exterior design and not only to define your doors and windows. In this particular style, the PVC window trim has a two-fold function. Firstly, it enhances the exterior of the window, and secondly, it serves as a part of the exterior design. This style gives the home’s facade a unified style. The windows blend it effortlessly to become a part of the exterior design.

Design Continuation

5. Multi-design PVC Window Trim

As the name suggests, this style incorporates more than one style of trim on the windows. If your style is slightly eccentric and experimental, this might just be the right option for you!

You can choose to have a simple trim on one of your windows and a designed one on the other. Or you can also have the two kinds of trim on the same window! This may sound a little too much in terms of design. So, we recommend that if you are opting for this style, your home’s exterior should be of a neutral color/ pattern.

Multi Design PVC Window Trim

6. Ornate Design PVC Trim Boards

For this kind of PVC window trim, the design is much more detailed than any other style. The design has intricate detail that will add charm and class to your window. This will make your home look absolutely luxurious. Such finishing has a traditional baroque touch to it which emits unmatched elegance!

Ornate Design PVC Trim Boards

7. Layered PVC Window Trims

In this style of exterior window trim, the trim is layered instead of being a single strip. The PVC trim is moulded or pvc mouldings are used in a way that one strip of the trim supersedes the other to create a 3D layered effect. This adds depth to the windows and makes them look characterized and elegant.

The advantage of this style of trim is that it goes with any kind of home exterior walls.

Layered PVC Window Trims

8. Colorful Window Trim

One specialty about PVC trim is that it is naturally white in color. Therefore, it can be painted on with almost any color of your choice. Be sure to use vinyl safe paint and only use colors with a LRV value of 55 or less.

If you feel like being experimental, you should let your imagination run wild and choose a unique color for your trim. But please ensure that this color matches your walls or complements them!

Colorful Window Trim


We hope you drew some inspiration from our blog, and you can now employ any of these ideas for your next home building project and be assured of getting fantastic aesthetics as well as durability. 

If you wish to get the best results for your home exterior, do check out Echon’s stunning range of window trims.

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