Looking to give your plain walls an instant architectural upgrade?

Let us tell you a 4000 year old secret!

Say hello to crown mouldings, the perfect uplift, to give those boring walls some depth and elegance, all at once. 

Believe it or not, crown mouldings have been playing an integral role in amplifying decor for over 4000 years. 

The ancient Egyptians and Romans were known to carve the most intricate and stunning crown mouldings that lined the walls of glorious temples.

Nowadays, many interior decorators and homeowners are seen replicating similar crown mouldings in home decor to render that timeless aura. These mouldings tend to blend beautiful snippets of history with modern decor.  

These beautiful decorative mouldings are usually used as a merging point at the intersection of walls and ceilings, adding and elevating the charm of the space and helping increase the overall value of the home. 

Low on investment and great in terms of durability, crown mouldings tend to elevate your home aesthetic.

Let’s explore the popular types of crown moulding materials:


1. Composite Crown Moulding

Composite Crown Mouldings

Composite crown mouldings are a great choice for homeowners looking to decorate on a budget. They are highly durable and can withstand fluctuations in weather or humidity levels and can be easily installed without cracking. 

However, one drawback is that composite doesn’t blend and can be spotted easily when used over wood, thus requiring extensive finishing.


2. Wood Crown Moulding

Wood Crown Mouldings

In the 14th century, the French created the iconic carved wood panelling style, elevating decorative moulding to new heights. Up until 1850, all Mouldings were handcrafted piece by piece. Naturally  buying it was tedious, expensive, and a symbol of wealth and status

When it comes to traditional and intricate designs, wood crown mouldings do a great job. You can use these crown mouldings to create an ornate look or stain them to nail your vision. They are usually available in many stock profiles,

However, though these crown mouldings are stunning for that timeless feel, wood has its drawbacks. Wooden crown mouldings tend not to be your best bet for homes as they are not the most weather-friendly material and tend to react to weather fluctuations. Also, cutting and installation of wooden crown mouldings is a tedious and time-consuming task. 


3. Plastic Crown Moulding

Plastic Crown Mouldings

Looking for a crown moulding that is durable and long-lasting? While plastic crown mouldings are durable and don’t fall prey to mildew and rotting, they have their own limitations. 

In addition, plastic is highly brittle and tends to snap when bent beyond capacity. Plastic also tends to be highly slick as a surface and difficult to paint owing to the drips and drag marks left behind.


4. Plaster Crown Moulding

Plaster Crown Mouldings

Love that perfect finish? Then, plaster crown mouldings are the perfect choice for your home. Plaster crown mouldings not only render perfect alluring charm but also are environment-friendly and non – flammable, which makes it an excellent pick for homes. 

It is mainly used to showcase grand interiors along with plaster walls. Not readily available at just about any local store, these mouldings need to be customized as per your requirement.

Hence these pretty mouldings come at a relatively high price. Also, installing plaster crown mouldings is a rather tedious and lengthy process, and also a heavy and easy crackable material.


5. PVC Crown Moulding

Pvc Crwon Moulding

A hot favourite with homeowners, fabricators, architects and interior decorators, PVC crown mouldings is nowadays the preferred choice of crown mouldings used for home interiors and exteriors. 

PVC crown mouldings are highly durable and weather-resistant and hence do not fall prey to mildew and rotting.  These mouldings are perfect for your bathroom, basements, porches and exteriors or any area that might be vulnerable to moisture.

In addition, they have a smooth finish, can be painted easily and instantly add a new dimension to the home decor. Budget-friendly and flexible in use, these mouldings are made in a crisp white shade and can easily blend with your home decor.


6. Polyurethane Cornice Crown Mouldings

Polyurethane Cornice Crown Mouldings

Polyurethane crown mouldings are high in demand owing to their many beneficial features. They can easily replicate the look of wooden carvings at a much lower cost.

These crown mouldings are made of high-density foam that feel and sound like wood minus the wear and tear. They do not absorb moisture and hence have extended longevity. They are also available in various designs and profiles.


Done with delving into the material aspect? Now let’s deep dive into the  different designs of crown mouldings:


1. Asymmetrical C-shaped Cornice Mouldings

Asymmetrical C Shaped Cornice Mouldings

C-shape crown mouldings are mainly popular with homes with vintage decor. Inspired by 17th and 18th-century french homes, these cornice crown mouldings are a great fit for large rooms with high ceilings as they add instant elegance to the space. These crown mouldings are available in many materials and are easy and quick to install.

2. Crisp Crown Mouldings 

Crisp Crown Mouldings

Crisp crown mouldings are widely used in home interiors. In addition, most modern and contemporary home decor palettes use crisp crown mouldings as they involve corners that look sharp, precise, and calculated. Thus, elevating the overall home aesthetic by giving it an edge.


3. Modern and Art Deco Crown Mouldings

Modern And Art Deco Crown Mouldings

Popularly used in architecture forms in the USA, Art deco is a constant rage with homeowners. Art Deco combines nuances of luxury, elegance, glamour and extravagance with a particular hint of retro and vintage vibes. Making it unique and a favourite choice with interior decorators and homeowners. 

These art deco and modern crown mouldings have clean lines, bold geometry, and smooth streamlining and can be used to uplift any section of your home. 


4. Rustic Crown Mouldings

Rustic Crown Mouldings

These mouldings are simple in design and add a hint of natural beauty and rustic finish to the home decor. Usually made from wood, which adds to that raw and natural feel, these crown mouldings are perfect if you’re looking for an aesthetic material that blends nature with modern accents.


5. Stacked Crown Mouldings

Stacked Crown Mouldings

Stacked crown mouldings reach all the way to the ceiling. This look is curated by stacking multiple designer mouldings and a standard crown to create one sizable united moulding illusion. These crown mouldings are usually used in homes where the decor involves high ceilings and open spaces.


6. PVC Rams Crown Mouldings

PVC Rams Crown Mouldings

PVC rams crown mouldings are elegant and beautiful mouldings that can be used indoors and outdoors to elevate your home decor. These crown mouldings are ultra-resistant and durable with no moisture absorption and are a perfect fit for your home. Available in a clean and crisp finish, these crown mouldings don’t need to be painted, but if required, one can paint on PVC very easily as per your preference.  


Pick your favourite from these crown mouldings and give your home an instant makeover today!

We hope this blog post took you on an insightful journey on the various types of crown mouldings and materials they are available in.

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