Do you find yourself endlessly scrolling on Pinterest and checking out gorgeous interior home designs and wonder how these designers and home builders pull off such mesmerizing home interiors?

While furniture does a lot of the work, there are some other ways to upgrade your interior aesthetics too!

Interior Mouldings are one such element. They simply create accents to the interior of your home! These mouldings can be added to your walls, ceiling, window frames, door frames, etc.

Improved product quality and expanded profiles are making PVC an excellent contender for interior moulding design applications. 

This expert guide aims to cover the basic styles and types of interior moulding right from the ceiling to the window. Let’s dive right into it-


Why Should You Consider Interior Moulding?

Interior mouldings can be both functional and decorative. Most mouldings are used to create distinctive detailing and they can hide the joints between walls/ ceilings. You can also combine different moulding profiles to create intricate patterns or use them individually. Listing down few solid reasons why you should consider PVC Interior Moulding:


1. Lightweight and Durable

PVC mouldings are much lighter compared to ornate woodwork within your homes. Once installed, these can last you for decades altogether. PVC mouldings do not absorb moisture so that they can be an excellent option for your bathrooms too!

Termites and other insects harm these profiles, so they are less likely to infest a home with cellular PVC trim. 

Some of the other advantages of these profiles are that they are scratch-resistant and won’t split, crack, or warp.


2. Waterproof

PVC Moulding is also highly resistant to water damage, making it ideal for cladding the ceilings of moisture-prone spaces. Basements, garages, and bathrooms can be saved from a tremendous amount of water damage. These profiles are also interlocked to each other using an impenetrable waterproof system. Mold and mildew do not grow on these mouldings since they are moisture resistant.


3. Low maintenance

Compared to the other material options, cleaning PVC moudlings are simple. Cleaning interior mouldings are simple as all you need to do is to wipe moist towels regularly. The outermost layer of these panels offers the board a smooth, matte, and plain surface that resists dirt accumulation.


4. Fire Retardant

PVC mouldings are 100% Fire Retardant, meaning PVC mouldings won’t catch on fire, but instead melt, ultimately not perpetuating a fire god forbid.


5. Customizable 

PVC mouldings are highly customizable. The material is easily heat-bent or thermoformed, allowing it to be gently curved for circular windows and other similar applications. Interior mouldings can be used for creating unique designs and can even be tailored for a precise fit that matches your home’s features.

From the design, shape, size, texture, and color: just about everything can be created according to the user’s choice. You can use mouldings to make false ceilings panels in your bedroom according to your design preference. You can also add them to your washroom because of their waterproof quality.


6. Stylish

As we mentioned before, without proper finishing, your home is most likely to look incomplete despite all your interior design efforts. When your window and door frames are correctly installed with stylish and modern designs, they give your home a well-rounded look. In terms of style, the number of options available to you is also endless. Additionally, they provide you with a better finish and stunning aesthetics!


7. In-trend

Wood is the traditional preference for mouldings and frames. However, it comes along with a whole list of neverending disadvantages! These disadvantages can be heavy on the pockets and can leave you emotionally drained. Even though this is a gradual trend, industry experts are gravitating towards PVC interior mouldings more and more, owing to its long list of benefits!


Types of Interior Moulding

Now that we have learned about all the unique pros of this building material, allow us to take you through a few popular types of interior moulding that you could essentially use in your home! 


Type 1: Window and Door Casing

Your doors and windows need proper framing to get a well-rounded, complete look. It covers the space between the wall, the door, or the window jambs. These can adobe simple or intricately designed according to your preference and interior design style!

Types Of Interior Moulding

Type 2: Crown Moulding

It is the moulding that is installed where the topmost part of the wall meets the ceiling. Crown moulding can be simple or ornate, according to your decor style. It may seem like an added expense, but the end result would be worth the penny. You can choose a traditional or a contemporary profile and amplify your interior space.

Crown Moulding

Type 3: Chair Rails

This is a type of interior moulding that is installed three feet above your floor onto your wall. In terms of functionality, traditionally, it was meant to prevent chairs from leaving marks on your wall. However, now they are revived from their utilitarian purposes and are more used for their aesthetic purposes! Industry experts like Architects and Designers use Chair Rails and panel mold to add dimension to a drab and flat wall. It is also said to be a great add-on to the resale value of your home.

Chair Rails E1623328466238

Type 4: Wainscoting 

This design element dates back centuries. Today, this refers to any kind of decorative paneling used on a wall that prevents damaged walls, provides extra insulation, and also provides an aesthetic flair to your rooms. You can also choose to cover your entire wall, and it can also be used in foyers, staircases, hallways, bedroom areas due to its durable and protective nature.




Type 5: Panel Mould

Panel moulds are wooden trims used to create frames on any panels/ flat surface. They are widely used to create interesting patterns on the wall or even ceiling, in some cases.


Now that you know all about Interior mouldings, the next question would be which one to choose. Well, check out the United States’ most trusted brand, Echon’s excellent range of 100% flame retardant interior mouldings with 25 years of warranty and a plethora of trim profiles to choose from.

Like the Famous Charles Eames would say, “The details are not the details. They make the design.”
An excellent home interior design lies in the details that bind the home together. We hope you gained insight into interior mouldings!
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