Love the elegance that well finished columns add to your home, but hate the upkeep?

Looking for an aesthetic quick fix that can give your columns a 360* makeover in a short span of time? Well then, this blog is for you!

Worn out columns: The age-old problem

For ages, homeowners and architects have always faced a long-standing challenge when it comes to the upkeep of columns in homes. Constant wear and tear results in columns looking rather dull, severely impacting your overall home aesthetic. However, redoing and ripping out columns is a structural nightmare, which involves a considerable investment of cost and time.

So, what are some viable solutions? 

Decorative column wraps: The game-changer in home decor 

Emerging as a lifesaver, say hello to every homeowner, architect, contractor and home designers’ dream solution – decorative column wraps! 

A rage in today’s architecture and home design space, these gorgeous wraps breathe life and jazz up your old columns, instantly elevating your home decor. These innovative wraps are not load-bearing or structural and are snugly fitted around the original column, encasing it within. Available in many materials, designs, and shapes, they can instantly turn your unfinished/decaying columns into a visually appealing fashion statement for your home.

Let’s get down to the basics and understand the different types of column wraps that are redefining home decor nowadays: 


1. Faux Brick & Stone Column Wraps

Faux Brick Stone Column Wraps .....

Looking for a quick and easy way to add a rustic and natural aesthetic to your home? Then, these faux brick and stone column wraps are precisely what your home needs. These non – fuss, low-maintenance faux brick and stone column wraps are very similar to columns made of real brick and stone. They are available in various textures, colors, and designs and can easily be installed on your columns quickly. Thus, transforming your old wooden or metal columns into beautiful stone pillars. Perfect for that timeless aesthetic.

Key Features:

          • Easy DIY installation 
          • Mild maintenance 
          • Lightweight 
          • Affordable
          • Available in many textures/designs


2. PVC Column Wraps

PVC Column Wraps

PVC column wraps are emerging as one of the most preferred choices amongst interior designers and architects, attributing to their many features that instantly elevate your home decor. Whether it is classic American or post-modern home exteriors, you can achieve just about any exterior look with PVC column wraps.

Ensuring a seamless finish and easy installation, PVC column wraps are designed to help you seamlessly cover your existing wood/cement/metal columns and enhance your home decor almost instantly. Easily installable with essential carpentry tools, this quick fix wonder is available in two types: 2 – piece interlocking round PVC column wraps and a range of pre-designed square PVC column wraps, which include a variety of panel designs like plain, recessed, fluted, and raised designs.

Key Specifications:

          • Cost-effective 
          • Environmentally – friendly
          • Insect-resistant 
          • Mold/ Mildew resistant
          • Fire retardant 
          • Easy installation
          • Zero – maintenance
          • Durable & strong 
          • Available in a variety of designs, styles & profiles
          • Weather-resistant


3. Fiberglass Column Wraps

Fiberglass Column Wraps

An elegant addition to homes, fiberglass column wraps are usually used to enhance the visual flair of properties. They can be used for both interior and exterior applications to give it an extravagant, luxurious vibe. Sturdy in nature and resistant to wear and tear, fiberglass wraps are an excellent investment for an instant home upgrade.

Fiberglass is a flexible material that can be crafted to match any column and style. These column wraps can also be painted with both acrylic and oil-based paints so you can create a column that is an exact match for the home’s exterior hue. These low-maintenance column wraps come in clean and crisp designs and are usually used across the home, right from rendering an elegant touch to dining room columns to wrapping up dull basement columns. These column wraps can be painted and are available in pre-finished options too.

Key Specifications:

          • Cost-effective 
          • Strong material 
          • Decay- resistant
          • Low – maintenance 
          • Durable 
          • Waterproof and rot-resistant 


4. Wood Column Wraps

Wood Column Wraps

For years, wood has been the first choice of material when it comes to home decor. A hot favorite with homeowners owing to its easy installation process, durability, and similarity to actual wooden columns, these wraps are available in various wood species. They are guaranteed to add style and sophistication to your home, blending the warmth of nature with a bit of luxury. 

Suited for both round and square columns, these wraps make perfect column covers and can be installed with just some basic essential tools. 

Key Specifications:

          • DIY easy installation 
          • Assortment of designs and wood species
          • Paintable on site


5. Aluminum Column Wraps

Aluminum Column Wraps

Aluminum column wraps are used for a variety of applications and conditions to enhance any home or construction. These column wraps can be made to match the required size specification and can be used both indoors and outdoors. These wraps are preferred for most homeowners as they are low-maintenance, durable, lightweight, and don’t tend to decay like wood, making them an excellent option for porch columns. 

These wraps can elevate any home decor and be conformed to all types of geometric designs. They are usually available for round, square or rectangular columns. 

Key Specifications:

          • Limitless scope for design, color, texture
          • Durable & sturdy
          • Low- maintenance & cost-effective


We hope you enjoyed checking out this curated list of the most popular column wraps used by homeowners and architects in the United States. 

So, what are you waiting for? Pick the wrap best suited to your home, upgrade your columns and home aesthetic today!

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